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iET / Lisa van Viegen Mokoginta & Rich Dust / Sjoerd Koopmans photography: Boudewijn Bollmann

iET / Lisa van Viegen Mokoginta & Rich Dust / Sjoerd Koopmans photography: Boudewijn Bollmann

This summer, the Kunsthal’s HALL 3 will feature ‘Hunger’: the multidisciplinary exhibition based on the autobiographical music of iET, the stage name of musician, singer-songwriter, and creator Lisa van Viegen-Mokoginta in collaboration with designer Rich Dust (Sjoerd Koopmans).

After the birth of her daughter in 2018, iET’s world was suddenly reduced to the confines of her own home, hardly leaving her room for her enormous craving for creating and sharing. iET will take the audience on a visual, narrative, and above all musical journey past the contradictory feelings she experiences with regard to being a new parent on the one hand and her boundless ambition as an artist on the other.

Visitors can wander through nine intimate spaces that visualise the personal development iET is going through as a young mother. Despite the intense love iET feels for her daughter, becoming a parent proved difficult and lonely at first. She experienced this period as if she were trapped inside a bubble that was hard to get out of. These feelings of oppression resulted in the musical project Hunger, in which iET – in close collaboration with designer Rich Dust– candidly shows her vulnerability with respect to this often still emotionally charged subject.

The exhibition symbolises iET’s home. The nine songs are her rooms, each representing an emotion or phase.

Apart from featuring iET herself, the illustrated portraits show various elements and precious objects from her home, such as plants, colourful stained-glass windows, musical instruments, and her daughter’s stuffed animals. Especially for the exhibition, writer Marianne Clason has converted iET’s music into poetic stories. While wandering through Hunger, the audience will hear and see – room by room – how iET rediscovered herself in her new role as mother, woman, partner, and musician.

Every Sunday up to and including 4 September, iET will be joined by a number of her musicians and take part in the exhibition. Musician, film maker, and choreographer Davide Bellotta is in charge of directing these live performances.



Annemarie Nycolaas

Artistic director, concept, music, text, production and live performance

iET (Lisa van Viegen - Mokoginta)

Artistic director, concept, exhibition design, graphic- and spatial design and illustrations

Rich Dust (Sjoerd Koopmans)


Marianne Clason

Documentary photography

Boudewijn Bollmann

Animation and spatial design

Jan-Roelof de Vries

Animation and 3D visualization

Benjamin Kerkmans

Spatial design and production

Studio GRIDT (Bart Lentze)

Lighting design

Remko van Wely

Furniture design and production (space 5)

Els Kuijt

Costume design

Annemarije van Harten

Web development

Sjoerd Oudman

Technical coordination – realisation

Hylke Bijker

Assistant curator

Veerle van Herk


Sabine Parmentier

Caroline van den Boomgaard

Audio Design, music production and live performance

Budy Mokoginta


Jan Roel van Zuilen


Keimpke Zigterman

Music and live performance

Mark Schilders

Thierry Castel

Director performance and video

Davide Bellotta

Spatial advice

Paul Ketelaars (Vakwerk Architecten)

Business advice

Rick Spaan

Business advice and bookings

Immanuel Spoor

Artistic advice performance

Conny Janssen

Photo printing

Het Beeldgebouw (Ronald Schouten)

Media control

Koen te Poele

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